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Listen To This - July 2016

Some groovy tracks for your summer.

Miike Snow - Genghis Khan

By now most music fans have probably heard of this Swedish indie pop band. But if not you're in for a treat with this catchy song and awesome music video. I had the chance to see them perform at Lollapalooza this year but instead decided to stand for 7 straight hours at the main stage to wait for Radiohead....

DATA - Don't Sing

This is a decent song but it will be with me forever because of the music video; It's honestly one of the best I have ever seen. Here is a stolen synopsis from Reddit as to what is going on in video.

All of the vignettes up to the car crash are fantasies about how each character they would like their lives to be. This usually happens with the daydreamer inserting another member of the cast into their routine. The boy imaging that his dog is the woman next door gets distracted and crashes, snapping everyone back to reality to check on the street and revealing the truth to the audience.

Shook - Remember

A very mellow single from their latest album Continuum. This is one of my favorite bands to listen to while trying to concentrate at work.

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