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Listen To This - March 2017

The weather is warming up and I'm starting to get really excited for summer and some outdoor music! With that in mind, this month I'm focusing on sharing live renditions of some truly great songs. I hope you enjoy!

Thom Yorke - Ingenue

I literally cannot put it into words how beautiful this rendition of Ingenue is. When Thom starts singing I get lost in his words. I get lost in the subtle breaths he takes. I get lost and, for a brief moment, the world stops and everything is fine.

Marian Hill - Down

Apple fans will probably recognize this catchy beat from the Philadelphia based duo Marian Hill. The "drop" on this song takes a welcomed different approach and the chorus is too much of an ear worm to ignore.

Whitney - Dave's Song

A live in studio performance at the University of Minnesota's own award-winning Radio K music station. I love this band, their sound, their groove, and even the semi-whiny sounding vocals. Their latest album Light Upon The Lake was one of my favorites of 2016.

Chet Faker - No Diggity

YouTube recently autoplayed this nice little cover of Blackstreet's classic hit No Diggity. I have not listened to much Chet Faker before but that is definitely about to change soon. Protip, set the speed of the video to 1.25x!

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